About Hotel Savi Regency Jaipur 

Hotel Savi Regency Jaipur is a unit of M/s Siya Ram Bajrang Store, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. It has 25 well-decorated rooms with all modern amenities. The hotel provides service of Restaurant (veg meals only), Banquet and Comfort Stay. Hotel has a restaurant in name of Siya The Restaurant with more than 80 chair covers and serves to the local area also. It has two banquets and one party space.

our story – hotel savi regency jaipur

The Story of Success

The hotel recently completed its twenty years of service excellence. The firm started its journey from a small cafe in June 2003 and soon by the year 2004, it became a full-fledged restaurant. The AC Banquet hall was also added the same year. In 2006 the hotel came into existence with key highlights being its famous dining restaurant and discotheque (non-alcoholic).

In 2011 the hotel got a setback when the disco, banquet, and restaurant caught fire. Heavy losses occurred but due to the support of our vendors and well-wishers, we recovered from it. In 2012 the property was completely renovated, and new floors were added to the property. It is now known for its quality and service. The Hotel has thereafter been on constant renovation thereafter. Recently, Siya the veg restaurant was renovated in 2020.

The quality of our service and performance can be judged by the way we have come up. We have grown from a cafe to a full-fledge restaurant and then to a full-fledged hotel. Now the hotel has a discotheque, banquet hall, conference, and 25 a/c rooms.

The firm has started expansion also. In 2016, Savi Camps, a boutique camping resort in Jaisalmer became operational. Another property land was purchased in 2017 at Kumbhalgarh.

Last two years have been very tough for our industry throughout the world. Surviving was a big question. Anyhow, we have overcome and have started our journey of building back from scratch. We will rise again.

Chain of Hotels and Resorts

Hotel savi regency

Budget Boutique Hotel in Jaipur with modern amenities with city hotel experience

Savi Camps

Boutique camping in Jaisalmer with unique camping experience of Desert

savi kumbhalgarh

Heritage look Hotel with Swimming Pool and Lake view in a budget

upcoming soon

Ranthambore / Alwar 

Hotel Savi Regency Jaipur

Hotel Savi Regency Jaipur is the first love of the chain group and thus will always carry a significance value among all property hotels be it owned or leased We have added many gems in and are growing at a steady speed. Corona in 2020 and 2021 had reduced our speed but we are back on the track and have started crawling towards growth. 

Savi Hotels and Resorts Network

Our Network

Our network of Hotels and Resorts is increasing slowly and gradually. In 2022 we were operating with 2 hotels and looking forward to associating a few hotels in 2023 under lease/franchise/revenue management options.

Existing Own Hotels and Resorts

Hotel Savi Regency Jaipur – A budget boutique property in Jaipur

Savi Camps Jaisalmer – A boutique camping resort in Jaisalmer

Our Own Upcoming Hotels And Resorts

Our own properties in the pipeline, which are under construction and will be available by 2027

Hotel Savi Fort Kumbhalgarh

Savi Amer Haveli

Our Upcoming Associate at Savi Hotels and Resorts

This is the new category of addition in our chain of Hotels and Resorts where we will select and pick hotels and resorts to be taken on a lease/revenue management basis. The criteria for the hotel and resort selection will be based on the location, the number of rooms, quality of hotels, space available to develop, and parking for guests.

There is a fixed formula adopted by the management where points will be given to the property and on the basis of the score of the property, the property will be sought for adding up in our associate list. Few of the properties have been selected under this criteria and are in the final rounds of negotiations with associate partners on operation parts. As and when we add them to our group we will add them under the banner Savi Hotels and Resorts.

Hotel Raj Palace, Kumbhalgarh

We are also looking properties in Ranthambore, Alwar, Jim Corbet, Shimla and Manali for our next extensions.

The journey began with Hotel Savi Regency Jaipur and has taken us to Savi Hotels and Resorts.

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