Tourism has been a substantial part of the economy of Jaipur. Due to summer, the season is very hot in Jaipur. The tourist can’t move out in day time. So the inflow of tourists falls downs in summer. Therefore, to increase the constant demand from tourists night tourism in Jaipur was started by the Government of Rajasthan in recent years. Opening of Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, and Hawa Mahal for Night is some good steps to increase Night Tourism in Jaipur.

Promotion of Night Tourism in Jaipur

Night tourism was promoted by the tourism department of government in association with locals for more than a decade now. State tourism of Rajasthan in accordance with The government has taken steps like introducing of Night Market and opening other monuments for night visits have been applauded by the locals and tourists in recent times.

Places to explore at Night Tourism in Jaipur

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Amber Palace

The fort of Amber Palace is mesmerizing and at night the lights add to the beauty of the fort walls making it attractive and beautiful. The government indeed has done a good job by introducing the night market concept.

Jaipur at night
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Light and Sound Show

The light and sound show is organized from the foothill of Amber fort. The history of the Amber fort is well told here. It makes you feel the fort has suddenly come to life and is telling its own story, what it has visualized in the past. The battles, the politics, and the celebrations. It is a journey you will enjoy every bit of it.

Nahargarh Fort (City View)

Nahargarh is another destination where you can enjoy it late at night. Nahargarh gives you a view of the city. The city looks like a jewel of shining pearls spread here and there. The view is mersmerizing. You can enjoy some snacks at Padao the restaurant.

Jaiour view in the evening

Albert Hall

Albert Hall once made to host the guest of the Royal family, is now a museum and is another good attraction to visit at night. The colorful changing led lights makes this building not only attractive but picturesque also.

Hawa Mahal (Photo stop only)

The palace of winds also knowns as Hawa Mahal is an iconic building for Jaipur. At night it looks stunning and gorgeous. A photo or a selfie is a must to make your trip to Jaipur worth remembering. This Palace is open to walk in the day but at night you cant walk in

Jal Mahal (Photo stop only)

Jal Mahal also known as the palace of water is also a photo point worth covering at night. The building lake and the lights make it worth capturing for your future memories.

Jaipur Rajasthan Jal Mahal
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Old Heritage City

The market, in general, is open till 9 pm and makes this heritage city of Jaipur very attractive at night The lights glow the pink buildings, and they make the heritage city lively. The cheerful and colorful people at the streets make it even more attractive to visitors from outside.

Patrika Gate

Patrika Gate was constructed on Jawahar circle and has been a good attraction for the locals and tourists too. At night the Patrika gate with the Jawahar circle comes alive

Vidhyadhar ji ka Bagh

Vidhyahdar Ji ka Bagh is a beautiful garden made in the valley of the Aravali hills. The royal architecture and the fountains with colorful led make this place worth a try.

Amar Javan Jyoti

Amar Javan Jyoti is made in the honor of our jawans who have laid their lives for the protection of our nation. The light and sound shown in this places are attractive and are free of charge. You can find lots of youngsters around this place.

Pubs / Night Cafes

There are various pubs, lounges, and brewery kitchens that come alive at night like Blackout, Replay, The Lighthouse, G club, Amigos, Steam Pub, StarDust, etc. There are some 24×7 cafes like Zolo crust and Drunken Monkey too for those who have a craving for late-night gossip

Chowki Dhani

Chowki Dhani is also a good attraction to visit in Jaipur. The ethnic village resort comes lively at night with magic shows, puppet shows, folks dances, camel rides, bullock cart rides, bioscope, rope walking, boating, etc. A good attraction with lots of activities to engage your for 2-3 hours along with traditional Rajasthani dinner

Newly added Night Market (to start very soon)

To promote the concept of night tourism in Jaipur, the department of tourism is keen to develop the Night market. The project is soon to be implemented and the guidelines have been set. The night market is going to come between Badi Chaupar and Choti Chaupar in the walled city.


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