Mango Food Festival 2022 at Jaipur

Mango Food Festival will be celebrated during 05 – 25 June 2022 at Hotel Savi Regency Jaipur.

Mango Food Festival 2022
Mango food festival 2022 at Siya The Restaurant, Hotel Savi Regency, Jaipur.

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MangoFood Festival will consist of a special Mango festival menu which will include Drinks like Mango Lassi, Mango Shakes, Snacks like aam pakoda, mango chaat, raw mango chaat, Main Dish like Keri ki Sabzi, Aam Pasanda, and Deserts like Mango Mouse etc. For more updates on the Menu of Mango keep looking out for the space.

We had organized a similar mango festival in 2018 where our favorite item picked was Mango Lassi and raw mango chaat. The Menu will have some previous items and some new rediscovered by our chefs.

This is a festival for those who love mango. All foodies will have another event on weekends where they can compete in eating with other foodies. Foodies can directly coordinate with us on our Whatsapp number or reach us through any social platform using #FestivalAtSavi. Bloggers, You tubers, Social Influencers, and promoters can come forward to tie up on various modes of channels like Twitter, Facebook, etc for promotions and crosslinking or brand promotions.

The Mango Food Festival will be celebrated Only at Siya The Restaurant. Our location on Google Maps Hotel Savi Regency, Jaipur. Rajasthan, India

This festival menu will not be shared online and will be available for dine-in only.

Many offers and discounts will also be applicable during the period. The updates will be shared in the month of April. Do visit us again for more updates.

Hotel Savi Regency Jaipur


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