Parantha Festival is celebrated from 22 Feb – 30 March 2022 at Siya The Restaurant, Hotel Savi Regency Jaipur. Locate us on Google Map.

Parantha festival at Siya The Restaurant, Hotel Savi Regency Jaipur
Parantha Festival at Siya The Restaurant from 22 February 2022 to 30 March 2022

Parantha – A brief about it.

Parantha Festival 2022
Parantha Festival 2022 at Siya The Restaurant

Paratha (pronounced [pəˈɾɑːtʰɑː]) is a flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent,[1] prevalent throughout the modern-day nations of IndiaSri LankaPakistanNepalBangladeshMaldivesMyanmar,[2] MalaysiaSingaporeMauritiusFijiGuyanaSuriname, and Trinidad and Tobago where wheat is the traditional stapleParatha is an amalgamation of the words parat and atta, which literally means layers of cooked dough.[4] Alternative spellings and names include paranthaparaunthapronthaparontayparonthi (Punjabi), porota (in Bengali), paratha (in OdiaHindiMalayalam), palata (pronounced [pəlàtà]; in Burma),[2] porotha (in Assamese), forota (in Sylheti), farata (in Mauritius and the Maldives), roti canaiprata (in Southeast Asia), parathabuss-up shutoil roti (in the Caribbean).

by wikipedia

Parantha Festival at Siya The Restaurant, Jaipur.

Parantha Festival 2022
Parantha Festival 2022

The Festival will have a special menu serving only paranthas, stuff paranthas only. Different kinds of Paranthas be like Classic Paranthas – Aloo Parantha/ Gobhi Parantha/ Stuffed Parantha etc. Another kind is Chef Specials like Mirchi Ajwain Parantha, Bharwa Baigan Parantha, Soya Parantha, Achari Parantha etc, Fusion Parantha like Aloo Cheese Parantha, Manchurian Parantha, Palak Chur Mur parantha, Junglee Parantha etc.

All paranthas are cooked in Desi Ghee Only. Butter, if used, will be for topping only. Paranthas will be accompanied by a bowl of raita veg/ Bundi/ Pineapple/ curd.

Timings for Parantha Menu

12:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs LUNCH TIME

16:00 hrs to 22:30 hrs DINNER TIME

Events, Challenges and talks in the Festivals

The Parantha Festival will also include Foodie events on weekends. Certain Events are highlighted below Parantha eating event

  • Single eat challenge 20″ Jumbo Parantha – One has to eat 20″ inch stuff parantha by himself in one go. Time limit 15 minutes. If you win its all free for you. Open through out the festival
  • Max Eating competition – 10 registered members (qualification is required) will be called for this event, the person who ate max will win the competition. the winner will be awarded a special Gift Hamper woth Rs 2500. On weekends only
  • Mirch Parantha challenge – You have to eat our 2 mirch parantha. First Spicy and Second Super Spicy. Winner who eats both will win a gift coupon worth Rs 500 . This challenge is open only on weekends.
  • Foodie Talk and Experience – Every weekend a foodie celebrity will be asked to speak to their followers and share their experience on being a foodie, their experience and interact with guest. To qualify as a #foodie you must register with us. Only 10 foodies will be enrolled
  • Ingedients identify events – Competition to identify ingredients of our chef surprise paranthas out of the menu. Only On weekends
  • Chef meet – A meet for chefs to come forward share their recipes and share their seccret tips to enrich the parantha experience. Afterall, food is the only thing that matters us most as a chef. event scheduled on 20 March 2022
  • Intensify feast – The last week of the festival where we will bring a fresh new menu withh added suggestion by guest and chefs to intensify your taste buds. 24 – 30 March 2022

Festival at Siya The Restaurant Only. Reserved for dine-in guest only.

This festival will be celebrated with dine-in Guests only and will not be available on online platforms like Swiggy or Zomato. Though take away will be allowed.


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